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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What's 'Your Colletion' web-site ?
Q2. How do I use this web-site ?
Q3. Do I pay to use this site ?
Q4. How do I upload or edit pictures of my collections ?
Q5. How do I send messages to other members or receive reply ?

Go to the room of registered members, and click 'contact' button to send messages to the member. When you receive the reply or message from other registered members, you find those messages in 'message page' . 'Message page' can be viewed by clicking 'message' button on the top-rim of each page or in 'my account' page. If you select 'email notice' button in 'message page' as 'YES', you would be emailed when you receive messages from other members.

Q6. How do I upload or edit my want-list ?
Q7. How do I update my self-introduction ?
Q8. How do I change my registered data ( user id, password or email ) ?
Q9. Can I post an advertisement on this web-site ?
Q10. Can I edit or delete my comments on bulletin boards and the comment page of member's room ?
Q11. How is our personal data that we submitted to this site used ?
Q12. Are there any rules or regulations to use this site ?

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