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Privacy Policy


If you do not agree on the privacy policy following below, do not use or access our site. Any such use is prohibited and unauthorized You must read, agree on and accept our PRIVACY POLICY following below.

Article 1: Registered Member's Data

1. The personal date that each member registered in our site is kept secured under our supervision. It's not disclosed to others, except for when the registered member needs to disclose its own data.
2. In spite of above agreement, it's possible for us to disclose the registered member's data ( name & email ) in following cases;

a. When the registered member may cause any damage to our site, other users and anybody else, registered member's data would be submitted to the police or its related organizations.
b. When we judge that it's probable that we should submit the data to Police, Court, The Public Prosecutor's Office, A bar association, A consumer affairs bureau and its related legal authorities.

3. We do not admit that users register fake identification data in our site to become our registered member.
4. When the registered member changes personal data ( such as email ), it's necessary to update their personal data in our site.

Article 2: Use of information in our site

We do not copy, sell, trade or publish any information gained in our site without any permission of its owner of information.

Article 3: Handling of personal data

The personal data of registered member, submitted to us in admission procedure is dealt with as follows. Users in our site must know following cases before you register in our site.

1. We may use the personal data of registered member for;

a. Member management
b. Data analysis
c. Guidance of new service, and implementation of questionnaire to the user

2. We do not reveal personal data of registered member to the third party, except for following cases. Users must know and understand it beforehand.

a. When court, judicial bodies, police, and government agencies request us to disclose the data.
b. When it's regarded necessarily to protect the right and property of us, associated company of us, users in our site or third party.
c. When we need to avoid trouble or damage in us or associated company of us, caused by dispute between users in our site, or between user and third party.

3. If user does not submit us correct personal date ( such as name, email ) to register in our site, we stop providing our service.
4. After user becomes registered member in our site, he or she can see and check his or her own personal data through 'account' page in our site. The data must be updated and edited in prompt manner, when registered member changes personal data ( such as email ) or wrong data is found in the registered data.

Article 4: Handling of 'Cookies' data

In order to distinguish each user in our site, we issue a 'cookie' and store it in each personal computer of user. A 'cookie' is a piece of information to allow us to distinguish computer of each user.
The cookie data is used to count the page view, visited by the each user, and know which affiliate to reward when you use it through this site.
It's necessary for us to provide those service to each user, and manage our web-site.

In most web browsers, the user usually accept cookies. But the user can switch your browser to prevent from accepting. In such a case, it's not able for us to provide the user in our site with above service through cookies data.

Established on January 15, 2012