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Riff Raff Same German Orig.LP
Stack Waddy Bugger Off ! German Orig.LP
Patto / Hold Your Fire UK Orig.LP
Patto S/T UK Orig.LP
Keith Cross & Peter Ross Bored Civilians UK Orig.LP
Incredible Hog S/T German Orig.LP
Nirvana / All of US UK Orig.LP
May Blitz / 2nd of May Australia Orig.LP
Keef Hartley Band Halfbreed Japan Orig.LP
Black Cat Bones Barbed Wire Sandwitch US Orig.LP
Deviants / Disposable US Orig.PROMO LP
The Web Fully Interlocking UK Orig.LP
Manfred Mann Chapter Three Volume Two
July UK original LP Major Minor
Terry Reid / Bang Bang You're Japan LP

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